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A Book by its Cover

By Wendy Gough Soroka

Retired Jack and Lisa, a woman in her 30’s, meet in a park and, over a series of weeks, bond through their mutual love of literature. Lisa has recently escaped an abusive relationship, and although she teaches literature, she can’t bring herself to read anything but trashy romance novels. Jack becomes a friend and confidant until his own dark past is revealed. Lana, pregnant, visits the same park over a series of weeks, 30 years in the past. Through her conversations with her unborn child, she fights to save her troubled marriage.

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By Wendy Gough Soroka

A socially awkward college senior finds a kindred spirit while taking the questionable advice of a tenured professor. A newly minted resident playwright sweats her latest production while her devoted husband tries to keep her sane. A frazzled new mother and her last remaining single friend envy each other’s lives. A mismatched pair of medieval monks try to find peace or a good conversation, depending on who you ask. This ensemble comedy  follows the interwoven tales of family, friends and lovers trying to survive the absurdities and indignities of academia, art and adulthood through banter and baked goods. After all, in this unpredictable world, we all need someone to share cake with, even when we want to shove it in their face.

CAKE was first Produced by Theatre Unleashed in the fall of 2015 at the Belfry Stage in North Hollywood, under the direction of Lisa K. Wyatt.


“WOW!…delightful…offering audiences the enjoyable challenge of fitting together puzzle pieces that together add up to 95 minutes of fun (with a dash of drama thrown in for good measure)…a play and production that showcase…Soroka’s gift for creating interesting, complex, surprising characters…”

~Stephen Stanley, Stage Scene LA

“… Soroka’s 21 swift scenes (averaging four minutes) push one another along, plotwise.  But — making the ride worthwhile — they’re also linked thematically, in a quiet progression that has us, at the end, pondering the value of  empathy.  CAKE  moves fast, with no wasted moments, like a TV chef.  And it’s consistently amusing.  But what emerges from the oven is no sugary confection — it’s a nourishing reflection on how we learn to treat one another. ”

 ~Mark Hein,

“…you’ll be surprised, charmed and hysterically moved by this very crafty and clever play.”

~Lorenzo Marchessi,

“…CAKE finds its form with its incredibly dynamic and relatable characters.  Showcasing men and women at various stages of life – college, parenthood, career, and beyond – the play focuses on our ability to be fulfilled, to accomplish our goals, to find companionship, and to simply be understood.  Greater than these aforementioned destinations, though, is the play’s focus on our journey to reach those milestones and the connections that we make in order to cope, survive, and, hopefully, not strangle each other in the process.  From two college students lost in their goal-oriented paths to a new mother and her career-minded best friend noting that the grass is always greener, the audience is treated to a slice-of-life examination of what makes them tick, how they get by each passing day, and what makes it all worth it. Admirably, with complex and intelligent female characters layered throughout CAKE …a production that isn’t afraid to put women at the forefront.”

 ~Barbra Dillon, Fan Base Press

Want to read CAKE? It’s available to read at The New Play Exchange:


Hollywood and Vine sign todayHollywood & Vine

By Wendy Gough Soroka

Narrated by a gargoyle atop one of the historic buildings, Hollywood & Vine fatefully intertwines the lives of the colorful characters who inhabit the famous corner. Having come to the nominal “heart of the entertainment capital of the world” to pursue their dreams, the characters soon discover that Hollywood is not all that it is promised to be – but then, sometimes, it is.


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The Divine Madness of Isabella

Written & performed by Wendy Gough

How long can you walk the line between genius and insanity?

Lovers. Poets. Zannis. Dukes. Madmen.

Enter the world of Isabella Andreini, greatest actress of the commedia dell’Arte.  Finding herself performing alone on a stage, Isabella is challenged to improvise a new scenario – the story of her life.  Isabella uses her unparalleled craft to tell her story and delve into the madness that fuels her art.  Using masks, puppets and sheer imagination, award-winning actress Wendy Gough brings to life some 20 + characters in a show that flies by at breakneck pace.

The Divine Madness of Isabella was first performed in 2005 and 2008 at the WriteAct Repertory in Hollywood under the direction of John Achorn. In 2012, in a co-production with Theatre Unleashed and Mad Magpie, Isabella was restaged by Jeff Soroka  for the Hollywood Fringe Festival.



“… hysterical, heartrending and surreal …”
— NoHo LA

“… infectiously entertaining and unique …”
— The Tolucan Times

Lovell Estell III
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Wendy Gough’s story of poetess, mother and Commedia dell’Arte Prima Donna Isabella Andreini is an engaging theatrical experience. In five rapid-fire acts, Gough sketches Andreini’s life from a young girl who must choose between the life of a nun or courtesan, through her journey to fame as a composer and actress who wined and dined with European royalty, and gradually, to a painful dissolution from artistic insanity and death. Gough recounts this epic story with disarming ease, robust humor and efficiency, and skillfully mimics over twenty characters. She also employs a dazzlingly attractive assortment of masks and puppets throughout.”